Internet Addiction can be harmful to Young Adults

Internet addiction can be defined as spending countless hours of the day online, anger in response of disruption of time on the internet, or physically being unable to stop checking social media. Once activities on the internet start to interrupt daily life, there may be a larger issue. This can be harmful to young adults because it could lead to isolation, dishonesty issues, and trouble developing relationships offline. These are not the only indicators but are major points to consider.

Since the internet is easily accessible in our society, it may seem hard to overcome this addiction. At blueFire PulsaR, we aid in the process of returning to a healthy lifestyle. Our wilderness therapy guides young adults to discover new hobbies and overcome their addiction.

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What makes PulsaR different?

We have a higher level of therapy than other programs, but in a very hands-on applied manner. For instance, we use adventure activities as teaching tools. We have clients that have never been in wilderness environments doing things they never would have imagined they were capable of doing.

The intensity and variety of experiences leads to larger therapeutic change in a shorter period of time. We use individual, group, equine, and family therapy to address challenges in every environment for our clients.

blueFire PulsaR

Connecting Families through Wilderness Therapy and Adventure

PulsaR incorporates:

  • Adventure Therapy as the centerpiece of a program which explores personal growth through a variety of new experiences: rock climbing, backpacking, mountain biking, white water rafting, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, horsemanship, caving, historical outings
  • Service work in the community which helps clients expand their worldview and think of the needs of others.
  • Daily yoga, meditation and mindfulness
  • Weekly equine therapy to develop healthy relationships and improved communication
  • Base camps complete with yurts/Geodesic domes, cots, cooking center – all activities stem from this “home away from home” In the summer months each client has their own individual tent.
  • More therapy as therapists are “in the field” with clients four days per week
  • Individual therapy two times per week. Group therapy four times per week.
  • A family-centered approach  involving parents in a comprehensive program to reconnect the entire family through a family systems process when appropriate
  • Technology used for video journals and video conferencing family therapy sessions when appropriate

Life is a journey. Our comprehensive multi-faceted and clinical approach in the wilderness helps young adults and their parents navigate this journey in a positive direction. We believe that through a balance of self-assessment, insight-oriented therapy, outdoor living, adventure activities and academic focus these young adults will find their true selves.


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