Wilderness Therapy that Helps Young Adults from Vermont Thrive

Many Vermont young people that find themselves in survival mode end up seeking therapeutic treatment. Whether they are struggling with poor choices or frustrated with their inability to move themselves forward, it can create a vicious cycle.

Wilderness therapy is an approach that helps to break the cycle for Vermont young adults. By taking away the chance to manipulate, isolate, or use other maladaptive coping strategies, young people are able to see themselves and their areas of growth more clearly. This improves self-awareness which opens the door to new and healthy coping skills, relationships, and more. The overarching goal of wilderness therapy is to help young adults move beyond merely surviving and into thriving.

BlueFire Pulsar’s wilderness therapy program helps young people thrive again. Located in southern Idaho, BlueFire Pulsar works with Vermont young adults as they grow, heal, and find their direction in life.


Wilderness Therapy Unlocks Potential For Vermont Young Adults


BlueFire Pulsar’s Adventure Therapy program is designed for young men and women from Vermont that need help getting out of their comfort zones. Our adventure activities offer the appropriate amount of challenge so that students can also practice communication and coping skills while having fun. Activities are intentionally selected and designed by the clinical team to be impactful and growth-oriented. Our clinical and field team are highly involved in the activities themselves, which allow students to further connect with staff and have access to in-the-moment support.

Because of these experiences, young men and women are achieving success in areas they never thought possible. They were able to navigate the rapids, scale the wall, and hike the mountain. This changes the way they view themselves, no longer sitting on the sidelines of their life, they are now the hero of their own story.


Wilderness Therapy for Young Adults from Vermont

BlueFire Pulsar provides transformative wilderness therapy for young adults ages 18-28. Located in Idaho, BlueFire Pulsar helps young adults from Vermont and around the country that are struggling to find success in their day-to-day lives. These struggles can include things like friends, school, work, or family - as well as general overall wellbeing. Young adults are able to use this opportunity to reclaim their power and find their purpose again.


How does Adventure Therapy work?

By offering new and exciting opportunities for young adults, they are able to be involved in fun activities while also developing coping and communication skills at the same time. These can also become reflective experiences that allow students to increase their self-awareness related to stress and negative patterns.


Connection to Our Community

BlueFire Pulsar believes that helping someone or something outside yourself can support one’s own process. This is why we have included service work as part of our program. These efforts support local community not-for-profits, environmental organizations, and service programs. From cleaning up a local park to mending a hiking trail, these activities can offer opportunities for students to improve self-esteem and overall well being. Students can also include their service work on their resume when pursuing job opportunities.


Holistic Approach to Success

Every student has a highly individualized treatment plan. These plans include comprehensive career assessments as well as actionable plans that guide their progress with specific steps towards their intended future. Just as important is transition planning which starts from the very beginning, by understanding each student’s goals and then identifying specific markers for these goals. Take the next step toward this once in a lifetime experience and contact BlueFire Pulsar today at (844) 413-1999.

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