What is Wilderness Therapy For Young Adults in Florida?

Wilderness therapy for young adults allows young men and women the chance to disconnect from negative or toxic behaviors, giving them the opportunity to grow and heal in a short but powerful outdoor experience. For young people ages 18-28 that are having difficulty successfully shifting into young adulthood, BlueFire Pulsar is a wilderness therapy program that can help. Located in southern Idaho, BlueFire Pulsar works with Florida young adults to help them rediscover their inner wisdom, motivation, and drive.

Away from the day-to-day distractions of everyday life, young people in a wilderness therapy program have the opportunity for healthy introspection and gain understanding about how to move forward. The wilderness provides a therapeutic backdrop like none other: nature helps us see ourselves for who we are. With a healthy and supportive group of peers, the young adults share encouragement. They work as a team to help one another and the whole group grow, learn, and thrive. Together, they overcome challenges and appreciate the unique strengths that each person brings to the table.

How Does Wilderness Therapy Work For Young Adults From Florida?



By eliminating day-to-day distractions, young adults have the opportunity to focus on what they really need to: themselves and their future. The more students are able to meet with experienced clinicians, the more progress they make - which is why BlueFire Pulsar has our talented therapists in the field four days every week. This additional support combine with our adventure therapy, positive peer group, and unique wilderness setting offers an unparalleled space for young adults to heal and grow. The results are wide-ranging: better communication skills, self-esteem, self-confidence, and more. Wilderness therapy acts as the impetus for big change and growth. When young adults are feeling stuck, this is exactly what they need.

Find Growth and Success in Wilderness Therapy for Young Adults from Florida


Designed specifically for young adults ages 18-28, BlueFire Pulsar is a wilderness therapy program that understands the unique needs of this population. Located in southern Idaho, BlueFire Pulsar serves young women and men from Florida that need time to hit reset and focus on themselves. By participating in our Adventure Therapy programming, young adults are able to improve their self confidence and self esteem while also learning new skills and developing new hobbies.

We believe that each young woman and man should be viewed as a whole person and more than just their presenting issues. That’s one of the reasons we utilize our multidisciplinary treatment team (Psychologist, Primary Therapist, Recreation Therapist, Family Therapist, Equine Specialist, Physician/RN) for every student. This results in a highly individualized treatment plan for every young adult and family.

Transition Planning is Key for Young Adults


From the beginning at BlueFire Pulsar, we are looking at what the next step toward independence will be. This begins with a detailed assessment of each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and more. This allows us to put together programming that meets the specific needs of each student. And this is why we blend transitional living with the other parts of our program.

Adventure Therapy Programming 


Students are able to participate in fun and engaging activities including:

- Rock climbing.

- Skiing and snowboarding.

- Caving.

- Bouldering.

- Canoeing.

- Mountain biking.

- Whitewater rafting.

With all these different activities, students are able to get out of their heads and into their bodies, which is very beneficial from a therapeutic perspective. They discover they can be successful in ways they never thought were possible! If you are interested in learning more about BlueFire Pulsar and how we help young adults from Florida, call us at (844) 413-1999.

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