What is Wilderness Therapy For Young Adults in California?

Wilderness therapy for young adults allows young men and women the chance to disconnect from negative or toxic behaviors, giving them the opportunity to grow and heal in a short but powerful outdoor experience. For young people ages 18-28 that are having difficulty successfully shifting into young adulthood, BlueFire Pulsar is a wilderness therapy program that can help. Based in southern Idaho, BlueFire Pulsar is passionate about helping young adults from California that need help taking control of their lives.

Away from the day-to-day distractions of everyday life, young people in a wilderness therapy program have the opportunity for healthy introspection and gain understanding about how to move forward. The wilderness is a therapeutic setting like none other: nature acts as a mirror and can help us see things more clearly. With a supportive peer group, other young men and women offer feedback and positive relationships. They work as a team to help one another and the whole group grow, learn, and thrive. The group conquers challenges together and recognizes the unique strengths that each individual has.

How Does Wilderness Therapy Work For Young Adults From California?



By eliminating day-to-day distractions, young adults have the opportunity to focus on what they really need to: themselves and their future. Having access to additional therapeutic support provides the greatest impact, which is one of the reasons BlueFire Pulsar has our talented clinicians in the field four days every week. This, coupled with the setting, positive peer culture, and adventure therapy opportunities, gives young adults equal parts reflection and challenge, contemplation and growth. The outcome is transformational: better self-esteem and communication skills, increased confidence, and more. Wilderness therapy acts as the impetus for big change and growth. When young people are struggling to thrive, this is just what they need to do so.

Find Growth and Success in Wilderness Therapy for Young Adults from California


Designed specifically for young adults ages 18-28, BlueFire Pulsar is a wilderness therapy program that understands the unique needs of this population. Based in Idaho, BlueFire Pulsar is for young adults from California that need time to focus on themselves while becoming more independent and empowered. The challenges in an Adventure Therapy program increase resilience and self-efficacy, while also expanding activities that students can do after they leave for leisure or fitness.

At BlueFire PulsaR, we believe that each young adult is an individual and should be treated as a whole person - not just their presenting issues. So that is why we use a multidisciplinary treatment team (Psychologist, Primary Therapist, Family Therapist, Recreation Therapist, Equine Specialist, Physician/RN) for each student. This offers a very individualized course of treatment for every student.

Transition Planning is Key for Young Adults


From their very first day with us, we are helping young adults move toward the next step. We use a thorough assessment that looks at each client’s strengths and areas of improvement to begin this process. Using this, we create a program that meets the specific needs of every student. This is one of the reasons that we utilize a combination approach that includes transitional living.

Adventure Therapy Programming 


Along with traditional backpacking, students participate in a wide range of activities, including:

- Whitewater rafting.

- Caving.

- Bouldering.

- Skiing and snowboarding.

- Mountain biking.

- Rock climbing.

- Canoeing.

With all these different activities, students are able to get out of their heads and into their bodies, which is very beneficial from a therapeutic perspective. They find success in activities they never thought they could do! If you are interested in learning more about BlueFire Pulsar and how we help young adults from California, call us at (844) 413-1999.

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