blueFire Pulsar Young Adult Wilderness Therapy


Successfully Launching into Adulthood

If you or your young adult are struggling to gain the independence and confidence they need to launch themselves into adulthood, wilderness therapy can be a positive and transformative experience.

Throughout their time in nature, young adults have the chance to build important life skills and work towards achieving goals they'd never imagined they could accomplish. Away from the temptations of technology and negative influences back home, clients have the opportunity to look inwards and focus on building the skills that will lead to success back home.

Transition Planning at PulsaR

From day one our top goal is to transition young adults to an independent living environment. Everything we do is with that in mind.

Our team begins with a solid assessment and understanding of the struggles a young adult has at home. After that we work closely with our therapeutic teams to ensure we are developing programming around the needs of our young adults. Once therapeutic change is evident we then start to look forward to the next steps of independence such as college, transitional living programs or independent living.

Wilderness Therapy at blueFire PulsaR

At blueFire PulsaR, clients have the chance to gain a better sense of themselves as individuals and begin forming goals with the guidance of therapeutic professionals. Through exciting adventure-based activities like mountaineering, bouldering, and canoeing, clients step outside of their comfort zone and build translatable skills such as leadership, teamwork, and accountability. As clients take part in wilderness programming, we are able to assess their needs and begin to form a plan for transitioning away from past negative behaviors.   Our transition planning helps identify key points as your child heads home and uses the wilderness to gain the confidence needed to no longer make the same mistakes.

We utilize wilderness therapy in coordination with a strong therapeutic component and family involvement to help young adults launch themselves into a brighter, more successful future.

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