We at blueFire PulsaR enroll families

We refer to the emerging adults placed with us as “clients” as we view our role is to provide them with a specific and comprehensive service. The client’s participation in setting treatment goals is critical to their true understanding of and taking responsibility for achieving goals. We are here for them, and for their family systems.

Family work is paramount to a client’s success in their healing process. Lasting change requires the whole family unit to understand their role in a client’s journey. Family programming helps rebuild and reconnect our client’s relationships with their parents and siblings. Family members may be contributing to a scarring situation unknowingly, which is why the therapeutic family work, which is done weekly in our program, helps parents learn how to best support their emerging adult and provides a safe space for the client to work through challenges within their family unit.

Unlike other emerging adult wilderness programs, we at PulsaR ensures that family work is a top priority. Our relationship-based approach explores the challenges young adults face within their families and provides a supportive environment for the entire family to work through issues. The level of involvement varies based on a client’s specific needs.

Family Flow

Parents and family members are included in every step of the healing process but are also invited to join us at our Family Flow program. Family Flow is a two day overnight stay at our Base Camp for parents and family members of our emerging adults. The program begins with families coming together to experience the wilderness with their young adults, and be guided through in-depth family work. The work done at Family Flow is meant to allow parents and guardians the opportunity to acknowledge and solidify the work they have accomplished and identify additional goals for the future. Through the Family Flow program, clients have a safe environment to work through the issues in their family unit and parents gain the skills needed to best support their emerging adult.

Our team provides support to all family members to ensure the best possible outcomes for their future.

Jill, Parent

December 2, 2022

The PulsaR program at blueFire is excellent – caring staff and therapists at blueFire. I highly recommend.


Debbie, Parent

November 19, 2022

This is a wonderful program with excellent therapists and counselors!


Dennis, Parent

November 9, 2022

BlueFire Wilderness Therapy was exactly what our son needed. He was a lost young adult, living through his computer or cellphone screen. He had no human relationships unless they were substance assisted. He had even withdrawn from the family. He had no plans or goals for himself.

BlueFire gave him time to find himself. It broke the cycle of retreating into a screen or substances. He established relationships with his fellow clients, staff and therapist. He has now reconnected with his family and is making friends. He has found a plan and set goals for himself. This is all possible due to his therapist Jake Tucker and the whole BlueFire staff and community they have created.


Upon enrollment, parents receive a book to help them recognize possible actions, behaviors, or changes that need to take place within the family system. Parents will also be on a weekly phone call with their child’s therapist and be active members of the treatment team. In addition, parents can participate in a monthly, therapist lead, parent support group, and a monthly webinar offered by our therapists.

Family therapy, with your young adult, starts at weeks 3-4 via phone and video conference and every other week after that.  Huge changes and shifts are seen by the parents and the clients during these sessions. In addition to the great work that will be done on-site during this workshop, families enjoy reconnecting with their child, witnessing the changes underway, work on conflict resolution, have a better understanding of the roles that everyone plays within the family system and then being a part of their child's graduation.