Struggling To Find Direction In Your Life? blueFire PulsaR Can Help


PulsaR is a cutting-edge wilderness therapy program designed to reset motivation and personal goals for young adults ages 18-28. We help young adults who seek positive change and a jump start toward success, fulfillment, and happiness. Many of the individuals we help have struggled with motivation, confidence, mental health, or trauma.

PulsaR combines adventure therapy, traditional therapeutic techniques, and transitional living programming to help clients create the future they want to pursue. It is very important to get to the root of the blockage that is preventing our clients from feeling like they are able to reach their full potential. This can range from a variety of past and current traumas, mental health issues, or esteem levels. We work on healing these subjects and supporting our clients as they figure out the direction they want their life to head into.

What Makes PulsaR Different

Clinical Emphasis

Our licensed therapists are in the field with our clients 4-5 times a week. That amount of clinical support and emphasis is much higher than at typical young adult programs. We offer a multitude of therapeutic practices to best asses what our clients need.

Family Systems Approach

Unlike other young adult wilderness programs, family work is a top priority for our team. Our relationship-based approach explores the challenges young adults face within their families and provides a supportive environment for the entire family to work through issues.

Planning for the Future

Launching into adulthood can be intimidating. Many young adults don’t know where to start when they are looking to plan their next steps. We provide career testing and transition planning that helps clients better understand their strengths and interests.

Perrine Coulee
Lower Salmon
Falls Park
Dierkes Lake
and Trail
Craters of the
Moon National
& Preserve
City of Rocks
National Reserve
Dunes State
Box Canyon Auger Falls Thousand Springs
Scenic Byway
Tea Kettle

What We Help With

A Pulsar is a rotating neutron star or white dwarf that produces a beam of electromagnetic radiation. This beam of radiation is only visible when it points in a specific direction towards Earth. 

Just like our namesake, blueFire PulsaR emits light in the lives of our clients at a very specific point in their lives. The effects of decisions we make as young adults can affect us long into the future. We help clients take control over their own lives and reshape their path towards success.