PulsaR helps clients take control over their own lives and reshape their path towards success.

What is blueFire PulsaR and Wilderness Therapy?

blueFire PulsaR is a premier wilderness therapy program that works with young adults aged 18-28 to address behavioral or motivational attitudes impacting their success in life. Wilderness Therapy is modeled to mimic the challenges and pressures found within family and social structures but in an atmosphere free from negative influences. 

We use a combination of adventure therapy, traditional therapeutic techniques, and transitional living programming to help our clients point their lives in a more productive direction. Our comprehensive multi-faceted and clinical approach in the wilderness helps young adults and their parents navigate their journey in a positive direction. We believe that through a balance of self-assessment, insight-oriented therapy, outdoor living, adventure activities, and academic focus these young adults will find their true selves.

Who We Help

Do you struggle with stepping out of your comfort zone, your self-esteem, mental health, addiction, or trauma?
Did you struggle just a bit too much the first time you left home?
Did you lose a lot of friendships upon graduating High School and now feel you have a lack of social interactions?

We help those who are struggling with a variety of issues that can include but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, social isolation, addiction, failure to launch, and attachment issues.

We help young adults who may struggle with motivation or self-confidence reach their personal goals, seek positive change, and reset their drive.

We Provide Clinician-Run Treatment for Young Adults


Our program was developed and is run by Clinical specialists and Educators with years of experience under their belt. blueFire Programs was founded by Kathy Rex, Jon Worbets, and Reid Treadaway. All three of our founders have been working within the mental health field for years, both Kathy and Reid have a long-standing background as educators, and Jon is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) with a master's degree in clinical psychology with a focus on wilderness therapy. It is so important to have a clinician and educator run programming because they understand on a deeper level the needs of their clients. Our mission is "Inspiring and guiding others to a place of self-discovery and personal resolve to achieve great success."

Our PulsaR Clinical Director, Jake Tucker, LCPC, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with a master's in Marriage and Family Counseling. He has worked with children, adolescents, young adults, and their families in various capacities for the last 15 years.

Building quality relationships is important to Jake, and greatly influences the work he does with his clients. He approaches everything from a deeply relational person-centered perspective, with an emphasis on emotional awareness and connection.

Integrated Clinical Model
Integrated Clinical Model
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About PulsaR
About PulsaR
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blueFire PulsaR

Changing the lives of young adults and families

Read What our Clients & Parents have to say about PulsaR

December 2, 2022

The PulsaR program at blueFire is excellent – caring staff and therapists at blueFire. I highly recommend.

Jill, Parent
November 19, 2022

This is a wonderful program with excellent therapists and counselors!

Debbie, Parent
November 9, 2022

BlueFire Wilderness Therapy was exactly what our son needed. He was a lost young adult, living through his computer or cellphone screen. He had no human relationships unless they were substance assisted. He had even withdrawn from the family. He had no plans or goals for himself.

BlueFire gave him time to find himself. It broke the cycle of retreating into a screen or substances. He established relationships with his fellow clients, staff and therapist. He has now reconnected with his family and is making friends. He has found a plan and set goals for himself. This is all possible due to his therapist Jake Tucker and the whole BlueFire staff and community they have created.

Dennis, Parent

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A program’s recognition by national accrediting bodies is a clear signifier of treatment quality. Affiliations with respected organizations in the field also indicate that a treatment program is trustworthy and is held accountable.

Outcomes Research

The highest-quality mental healthcare programs rigorously track and analyze their treatment outcomes, utilizing a third-party research organization, and publish their results annually.

Licensed Staff

Clinical staff should hold up-to-date licensure and advanced degrees from reputable educational institutions. Experiential therapists should have appropriate credentials and accredited training.

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