At BlueFire Pulsar, we understand that for young adults struggling to launch into adulthood, there are a myriad of factors that have created this situation. Many young adults who have fallen behind their peers in terms of life skills are suffering from mental health issues like depression and anxiety that make it difficult to find motivation. These mental health challenges also tend to cause feelings of self-doubt and low self-esteem. Once these issues are being managed in a healthy, productive way, clients can work toward other short and long-term goals and successfully launch into adulthood.

Parents of young adults emerging into adulthood may be contributing to the situation unknowingly. Families as a whole must understand their responsibilities and how to help the client overcome challenges without enabling further issues. At BlueFire PulsaR, we work with the whole family to address a client’s challenges and make a plan for recovery. Family therapy includes:


  • Weekly Family Support
  • Family Therapy Sessions Throughout Treatment


In these workshops and sessions, families will learn how they can help their young adult launch into adulthood successfully. Through the Family Flow program, clients have a safe environment to work through the issues in their family unit and parents gain the skills needed to best support their child. Our team provides support to all family members to ensure the best possible outcomes for their future.

How does Wilderness Therapy work?

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We help emerging young adults who are struggling with:


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Isolation
  • Technology and Video Game Addiction
  • Substance Use Issues
  • Feeling Stuck or Unmotivated
  • Unresolved Trauma

Our wilderness therapy program for young adults 18-28 helps foster confidence, communication skills, and the motivation to launch into the next phase of life. We address the emotional and behavioral issues our clients may have been dealing with for years. If you think you or your loved one could benefit from our adventure therapy program, contact us today for more information.