Meet Kathy

As long as I can remember the outdoors has been a place that fills my soul with happiness, clarity, peace, inspiration, and connections.  Connecting with Mother Nature is powerful and never disappoints, even when hardships are a part of that process. Sitting peacefully in any outdoor setting witnessing even the slightest hint of survival (think of that lone flower that grows out of a rock in the middle of a desert) is my life source and reminds me how precious and our lives are, and how resilient we can be.  Having shared experiences with others in the outdoors brings me such joy!

My introduction to Wilderness Therapy came at a time when I, myself, was at a crossroads in life.  Being witness to the reunification of children with their parents after being apart for several weeks was hands down the most miraculous thing I had ever witnessed.  Weeks later, after packing my car with all my belongings, and my then 2 year old son, we ventured out to the deserts of southcentral Idaho to embark on a journey that I have never looked back from.  The power and value of that parent-child connection has always been at the core of what has driven me in my home and in my work. My children and grandchildren are pretty remarkable too. 

What I learned early on, and continue to learn, is that change is hard…..and necessary.  We have to be able to be honest with ourselves, listen to others, communicate effectively, and continually make decisions which are based on the best information available to us at the time.  One cannot hide from themselves for long when they learn to sit still, observe, and then take action. Trust, Reliance, Vulnerability, Humility, Sacrifice, Acceptance, Confidence, Honesty, etc. The list goes on and on as far as what one is capable of experiencing in a wilderness setting. 

Since 1989 I have had many wonderful opportunities to be able to guide young people on their own journeys while enjoying the outdoors.  Seeing the joy and eye-popping realization of one’s own value and capabilities is what drives me to stay involved in the work I do on a daily basis.  Families embarking on this journey together is miraculous and inspiring. SouthCentral Idaho provides the perfect landscape for this amazing opportunity.  Wilderness Therapy is my calling.

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