Meet Tim

I am Tim Weaver the Logistics Director at blueFire Wilderness Therapy. I was born and raised in Gooding Idaho and really like the small-town life. While growing up I enjoyed all kinds of sports. My favorites were basketball and baseball. As I got older I played league softball many weeknights and most weekends all summer. I spent countless hours coaching my own kids in the sports they participated in. My four children have now given me seven grandkids.

In my previous career, I worked 38 years for the City of Gooding public works department and was a superintendent. Managing a team, making plans, and solving problems were some of my strengths. What I bring to the table as a Logistics Director is organization and leadership. One of the reasons I took this job after retiring from the city is to work with the exceptional people here and help the kids in any way I can. I’ve worked with blueFire for two years now and I’ve enjoyed the people I’ve met and the work that has been accomplished here. Taking care of others is what I do.

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