Meet Morri

Morri has worked for therapeutic outdoor programs for over 8 years and has a passion for working with families and teenagers.  Of all the positions that Morri has filled, her favorite is helping families through the admissions process.  Morri is passionate about the program and believes it’s a full family experience that helps families start down the path to healing and success.
Morri was born and raised on a ranch near where the program operates and has dedicated her life to family, the outdoors, and at-risk families.  She has always been drawn to helping others and volunteers to manage and operate the local Toys for Tots program for Gooding County.
When Morri is not working or volunteering she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 kids.  Her family enjoys spending time in the outdoors, camping, fishing, riding, and working.  The four cornerstones of Morri’s life are honesty, hard work, loyalty, and family.

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