Kaitlin Crawford is originally from Los Angeles but spent the majority of her childhood in Asia. She moved around a lot with her family and is grateful that she was able to see so many cultures at a young age.

Kaitlin completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Notre Dame in Neuroscience and Behavior. After college, she received her WEMT certification and learned about wilderness therapy. Kaitlin loves hiking and working with children so she started at BlueFire as a field instructor. She has loved watching our clients grow and watching them start to believe in themselves again. In her time at BlueFire, she has also made a lot of personal growth.

Kaitlin chose BlueFire because she believes in our mission and found an incredible group of people who are empathetic, compassionate, and truly want the best for our clients. She was also drawn to BlueFire because she felt like this company covered all aspects of therapy—therapists meeting with clients several times a week, two different equine therapists, therapy through backpacking and challenging yourself, adventure therapy, and therapy for the parents. BlueFire recognizes the importance of the wilderness and helps create individualized care plans for each of our clients.

In her role as a Field Supervisor, Kaitlin develops and trains staff, so they are set up for success while they are out in the field. She works directly with our staff while they are in the field and helps to teach how to have intention behind all of their actions while in the field.

Outside of BlueFire, Kaitlin enjoys hiking, camping, climbing, and running. She spends a lot of time with her coworkers on various adventures and traveling around the world.

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