Originally from Nashville, TN, Ericka grew up taking long bike rides through the city and going on camping trips in the Great Smoky Mountains. She moved to Michigan for her undergraduate in English, Philosophy, and Writing with a passion for sharing the human experience through storytelling, essays, and poetry.

After graduating, Ericka found both solace and inspiration in recreating outdoors and moved out west. Over the next five years, hospitality management placements took her to beautiful locations such as Glacier National Park, Park City, and the Colorado Rocky Mountain range.

Ericka’s passion for backpacking, trail running, mountaineering, rock climbing, and canyoneering blossomed into a new career path. She saw the value these activities play in building self-confidence, communication, accomplishing goals, and working through grief. As an adventure coordinator, Ericka applies her outdoor skillsets and certifications to guide youth through the process of healing and growth through adventure.

Bluefire offers a wide array of outdoor activities for clients to challenge themselves, strengthen resilience, fortify self-efficacy, and work through past traumas. Ericka chose this program for its well-balanced curriculum and incredible community of staff who strive to grow alongside their students. “It is a joy to watch kids move through the program, creating foundations for a more positive and connected future.”

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