Meet Dave

Dave grew up locally in the Magic Valley and was raised in and around the Snake River Canyon.  Much of Dave’s youth was spent learning wilderness skills alongside the children of Larry Dean Olsen in the canyons, flatlands, and waterways of Southern Idaho. In their teens and twenties, Dave, his brother, his sister, and most of his friends all worked as instructors for a variety of wilderness programs in Southern Idaho and Utah. In their teens, Dave and his sister were called on by several youth camps to teach survival skills during the summer months.

Dave has multiple degrees related to education and educational leadership.  In addition to teaching in schools in California, Oregon, and Idaho, he has worked in wilderness programs for the last twenty-five years. Dave’s experience in wilderness includes time spent as an instructor, a therapist, logistics, safety team, independent contractor, field director, and program manager.  Dave works both at blueFire Wilderness Therapy as the Director of Client Services and as the Principal of a local school.

Dave was originally asked to contribute blueFire Wilderness Therapy as a contractor and was present for many of the early meetings with local Planning and Zoning officials and concerned citizens. After working for a time as a contractor he was asked to join the team as a year-round employee. During his time at blueFire Wilderness, Dave has covered and helped oversee numerous departments and programs as they grew and developed in their effectiveness.

Dave and his wife reside locally and have two grown children. When not working, you will find Dave and his wife headed to the coast, in the backcountry camping, or hitting a jeep trail somewhere.

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