Meet Chris

I grew up in small-town Utah. I fell in love with the outdoors at an early age, growing up at the base of the Wasatch Mountain Range. My dad would always take my brother and I camping. Then through the Scouting program I really excelled and developed a passion for being out in nature. Spending my free time biking, backpacking, and going on long 500+ mile walks. I feel blessed to be connected to such a beautiful state.

blueFire is the second Wilderness Therapy program I’ve worked for, where I have a combined 3 years as a Field instructor. I have spent 16+ years working with teenagers in a therapeutic setting, the majority of that being in Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Residential Treatment Centers. Collectively I have spent 20+ years working in Mental Health and Health Care settings.

In my role as Field Supervisor, I am the director of education for our field teams. I develop trainings so that our instructors may have the confidence and tools to help the clients we work with. I am very passionate about training our instructor teams because the job they do can be both difficult and equally rewarding.

At blueFire our mission is; “Inspiring and guiding others to a place of self-discovery and personal resolve to achieve great success.” When I break that down the way I understand it, it states “Others” and so in that it is our job to Inspire and Guide everyone we interact with and that is the culture of which I cultivate in my daily interactions and trainings with our field instructors.

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