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Thinking Beyond Ourselves: Service Work at blueFire PulsaR

At blueFire PulsaR, we believe that an important element of personal growth involves thinking beyond one’s self and considering the perspectives and worldview of others. That’s why one of the most integral activities within our program is service work.

On a regular basis, we bring clients to local environmental programs, community service efforts, and agencies to give back to the community.

Through planting trees at local parks, clean up efforts in wilderness areas, and jumping in with other organizations to create life changing experiences.


Wilderness Therapy For Young Adults

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Bluefire PulsaR

Service work has several benefits including:

  1. Improving overall well being: Participating in volunteer-based community service helps young adults feel like they're doing something good for the world. Many of our clients have struggled with feelings of ineptitude and inadequacy. Getting involved and helping others who may not be able to help themselves can make clients feel like they are making a difference. Community service work is known to reduce stress and decrease symptoms of depression.
  2. Boosting relationship skills: One of the challenges many of our clients face is the ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships. By going out into the community and interacting with individuals who have different perspectives and backgrounds, clients can work on gaining social skills and breaking out of their shell.
  3. Learning through experience: The varied backgrounds of the individuals clients work with during service work helps expand their worldview and learn about new cultures and ideas. In addition to the information gained from the people they meet, clients also gain new skills depending on what the service work entails.
  4. Helping prepare clients for future careers: While participating in service work, clients gain important skills they can translate to a job in the future. Additionally, the experience gained through service work is something clients can put on their resumes for potential employers to see.

Benefits of Wilderness Therapy for Young Adults

Wilderness therapy is especially impactful for young adults struggling to find success.  Combining the amazing work we do in the field with service work really helps to bring lessons learned full circle. Our findings combine years of experience and evidence based research in one program. Research shows us that young adults in wilderness therapy create “real and practical change” that lasts after a young adult leaves the program. Read more here>>>

Learn how service work changes lives

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