blueFire PulsaR is a co-educational adventure-based wilderness therapy program designed to help young adults ages 18-28 develop the confidence, motivation, and communication skills to identify and pursue their goals, dreams, and passions. Our multidisciplinary team works closely with clients to develop an individualized therapeutic plan in order to target the areas clients would like to work on the most.

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Who would be a good fit for blueFire PulsaR?

Have you struggled to:

  • Find the motivation and confidence to pursue your interests?
  • Maintain the relationships in your life?
  • Stay in school - whether that be high school or university?
  • Keep a job?
  • Pursue a career in your field?
  • Go out into the world on your own and feel independent from your parents?
  • Get off the couch for days and weeks at a time?
  • Make and keep friends?
  • Get along with your family members?
  • Feel happy and successful?

Many of our clients have struggled for years with emotional and behavioral challenges that have affected their ability to achieve success in school and in other areas of their life. blueFire Pulsar provides clients with an opportunity to work on the skills that can help promote real, lasting change in their lives.

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How does Wilderness Therapy work?


Examples of issues that have affected our clients:

  • Failure to launch
  • Dropping out of college or high school
  • Adoption/attachment issues
  • Isolating themselves from others
  • Dysregulated mood
  • Mild to moderate substance use
  • Video game/ Internet addiction or overuse
  • Trauma
  • Oppositional behaviors
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Executive Functioning Deficits

At blueFire PulsaR,  we believe in our clients’ ability to experience real, lasting change. Our clinically advanced program provides clients with an opportunity to reflect and experience personal growth. During their time at PulsaR, clients have the opportunity to break out of destructive patterns and get outside of their comfort zone.

Before PulsaR, our clients often feel directionless and without a clear path ahead of them. We are here to help clarify that path and provide guidance for the future.