Many young adults are familiar with the feeling of being “stuck”. They are in an in between stage of life as they transition into the adult world and it’s easy to get caught up in the steady routine of the everyday. Young adults who feel stuck may begin seeking out new experiences. Some of those can be positive, like making new friends, but others can be negative, like experimenting with alcohol. It is important for young adults to seek out new experiences in a positive and healthy way.

The Benefits of New Experiences

The biggest barrier to trying something new is fear. It could be fear of the activity itself, but often, it is a deeper emotional fear. “What if I fail?”, “What if I embarrass myself in front of my friends or even strangers?”, “What if they see me struggle?”. These are all natural fears. It is difficult to be emotionally vulnerable and trying something new has a high risk of failure. Instead of seeing struggle as failing, can we reframe it as an opportunity to learn?

If you never try something new, you’ll never learn anything new. Young adults are about to step into the workforce or attend college. Learning experiences are crucial for this next phase of life. New experiences allow you to get to know yourself better. You learn more about your strengths and other areas you’d like to strengthen more. Trying something new may help you uncover a hidden skill or passion. 

For some young adults seeking out these new experiences can feel daunting, and that’s where a program that utilizes adventure therapy can be beneficial. These programs provide opportunities for new experiences while also providing a supportive environment for the emotional growth that happens during this process. Adventure therapy programs can help young adults step out of their comfort zone and gain confidence and purpose. 

Why Adventure Therapy?

Adventure therapy is an evidence-based therapeutic approach which utilizes the powerful healing properties of the outdoors to promote change and growth within individuals. Young adults can especially benefit from this programming because it completely removes them from the distractions and of their life at home and allows them to focus on their own personal growth and healing.

Adventure therapy is a way to explore personal growth. Young adults are put in new situations to face new challenges. It encourages problem solving, confidence, and communication skills. For example, if you are on a rock climbing trip participants must learn how to properly use their gear and how to choose the best route to climb. They will need to deal with the fear of falling off a climb, while trusting that their belayer on the other end of the rope will keep them safe. They will build resilience as they try the route again and again. In one outing, a large array of life skills are tested and improved. 

blueFire pulSaR Can Help

We help young adults step out of their comfort zone, improve their self-esteem, and help our clients build their confidence through self-success. Our program helps create positive changes and improvements through engagement and adventure. We have a supportive environment that encourages clients to push themselves physically and emotionally to create lasting changes. For more information please call 866) 430-6807.

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