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Adventure therapy is the centerpiece of the program which explores personal growth through a variety of new experiences: rock climbing, backpacking, mountain biking, white water rafting, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, horsemanship, caving, and historical outings.

Adventure therapy is an evidence-based therapeutic approach which utilizes the powerful healing properties of the outdoors to promote change and growth within individuals. Young adults can especially benefit from this programming because it completely removes them from the distractions and of their life at home and allows them to focus on their own personal growth and healing.

A key feature of adventure therapy is its focus on simultaneously building self-sufficiency and communication with others. Although it may seem as if the concepts are contradictory, in reality, they go hand-in-hand; there are moments when the individual takes priority, and there are moments when everybody has to work as a team. Building trust, relying on others, and, on the other hand, being supportive and responsible can all be lessons of the wild.

How does Wilderness Therapy work?


Pulsar Program

Outdoor Adventures At blueFire PulsaR

A wide range of fun outdoors activities ensures that no two days are the same. By not allowing clients to hide away in their room with a video game, adventure therapy pushes individuals out of their comfort zone – but not so far that it would add stress. Instead, it shows young adults that they don’t need a guide to be themselves; they are capable of surviving the wild and being active members of a community.

Outcomes At bluefire Pulsar

Other benefits of adventure therapy for young adults include:

  • Removal from everyday life: By removing young adults from the distractions found in everyday life, adventure therapy allows clients to focus on improving their behavior and overall mental health. Gone are the negative influences that may be affecting behaviors. In nature, young adults have the time to mull over past actions and make goals for a successful future.
  • Wilderness Certification: At PulsaR, young adults get the chance the earn nationally recognized certifications to help build confidence and drive employment options after our program.
  • Comprehensive Career Assessment: Young Adults will receive a comprehensive career assessment allowing them to identify areas of interest and develop strengths possible to be successful.
  • Fun adventures: At our adventure therapy program, young adults have the opportunity to engage in fun, exciting activities within a healing, supportive environment. While not all of the experience is fun and games, we encourage our clients to enjoy themselves! After all, if clients are having a good time during their journey towards healing, they are more likely to be engaged in making changes for themselves.

At blueFire PulsaR, examples of the adventure therapy activities clients participate include:

  • Downhill Skiing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Backpacking
  • Mountain biking
  • White Water Rafting
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Hiking
  • Horsemanship
  • Caving
  • And much more!

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